OncologyStat Available @thelibrary

OncologyStat has been added to Albertsons Library's Online Databases page. It is also included in the Library's Journals List page.
OncologySTAT integrates a multitude of authoritative professional cancer information sources, such as peer-reviewed research, news and regulatory updates, a professional drug monograph and interactions database, chemotherapy regimens, and conference coverage into one easy-to-use online destination. Information and educational materials are delivered across multiple media formats: text, audio, video, interactive, user-generated forums, etc.

Community oncologists and cancer-care practitioners in private practice or a non-institutional setting will find OncologySTAT especially useful in gaining immediate integrated access to the latest evidence-based research, news, treatment, and decision support information.
  • Access to current articles from over 100 Elsevier cancer-related journals, including The Lancet Oncology, The Breast, Lung Cancer, The American Journal of Medicine, Cancer Letters, etc.
  • Recent journal scans from the leading 25 cancer-related journals (JCO, JNCI, CA:A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, Blood, JAMA, The New England Journal of Medicine)
  • 27 Cancer-type spotlights (ability to filter and view content in one click of the homepage by cancer/tumor type, eg, breast, lung, prostate, leukemia, etc).
  • Select sections of textbook content from Abeloff’s Clinical Oncology (3rd edition, 2004)
  • Chemotherapy regimens from The Elsevier Guide to Oncology Drugs & Regimens (2006)
  • News and regulatory updates from FDC Reports’ "The Pink Sheet Daily" and Elsevier Global Medical News
  • Professional drug monograph and interactions database powered by Gold Standard
  • Integrated Medline search
  • Weekly InfoBLAST e-newsletter
  • Video network of interviews with key opinion leaders
  • Downloadable patient handouts
  • Forums, commentary, blogs, podcasts, surveys

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