2008 Election Resources

The election is November 4th and some voters are already mailing in their ballots. These websites provide a wealth of information to help you sort out the voting process and make an informed decision.

For Student Voters

Rock the Vote

A multi-media site aimed at young voters.

On the voting process

Idaho Votes

Official site of the Idaho Secretary of State, who oversees elections in Idaho. Includes information on registration and where to vote, rules for students and voting residency, absentee voting, and more. Also has a list of candidates and links to their campaign websites.

About the candidates

Project Vote Smart

Provides non-partisan information on state and national candidates, including voting records, interest group ratings, and campaign finances. Issue positions are also included, but only if the candidate chooses to participate, so coverage is uneven. Check out this page for young voters.

Political ads

Politifact’s truth-o-meter

Nonpartisan; analyzes the accuracy and truthfulness of political ads.


Commission on Presidential Debates

Idaho Debates

Covers debates for state races. Also includes links to news outlets around the state.

News and commentary

NPR’s Election 2008

National Public Radio’s news site on the elections. Includes news, commentary, polls, and blogs on the candidates and the issues, mainly at the national level.

Vote 2008

Includes videos from the Public Broadcast System. Try out their Budget Hero to see if you can balance the federal budget.

Albertsons Library's Election Information

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