Like Eating Cake?

Well we do too. We also like bragging about all the amazing work that our students, staff, and faculty are doing. To combine these two favorite activities, the library is hosting a celebration in recognition of ScholarWorks reaching ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS!

Designed to showcase Boise State’s research and scholarship, ScholarWorks’ collections include faculty publications, graduate theses and dissertations, undergraduate research and scholarship, university publications, and much more. ScholarWorks has also collaborated with campus groups to publish original works such as the Idea of Nature Lecture Series, the Idaho LGBTQ Oral History Project, the BOGA: Basque Studies Consortium Journal, and the BFA Art Exhibition images.

Started in 2009, the service recorded approximately 15,000 downloads its first year. Now, Boise State’s publications receives more than twice that many in a single month and this summer, ScholarWorks recorded its one-millionth download. What has also been impressive is how extensive its reach is. Every month, ScholarWorks records visits from India, United Kingdom, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa, and many more.

ScholarWorks also helps remove the barriers the public faces when trying to access scholarly materials. Students, businesses, government agencies, health care providers, and community members all benefit by being able to access materials traditionally locked behind a journal subscription or other expensive paywall.

Thanks to the support of the Boise State community, ScholarWorks has become an incredible success, showcasing work produced by our students, faculty, and staff. Please join us this Thursday, November 6th starting at noon for a piece of cake and to celebrated ScholarWorks’ One Million Downloads!

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