The Albertsons Library is going GREEN!

The Albertsons Library now has a total of 10 single stream recycling bins available. They are located on all four floors of the central part of the Library. 

These stations are co-located with a trash can to enable items to be disposed of properly in the correct bin.

 The following is a list of items which CAN be recycled on campus:

  • Cardboard coffee sleeves 
  • Clean Paperboard (non-greasy containers) 
  • Empty Aluminum cans 
  • Empty Plastic cups 
  • Empty Plastic bottles 
  • Empty Soup cans 
  • Plastic lids 
  • Paper 
  • Post-It notes 
  • Toilet paper rolls 
  • Yogurt containers 

Here is a list of common items which CANNOT be recycled on campus:

  • Capri Sun packets and juice boxes 
  • Compostable service ware (composting not available at this time and NOT recyclable) 
  • Condiment packets 
  • Disposable drink cups from the dining areas (Coke cups, coffee/tea cups) 
  • Glass bottles 
  • Plastic utensils 
  • Snack wrappers (chips, cookies, pop tarts) 
  • Straws
Please contact the Circulation desk if you have any questions or let them know if a bin needs to be emptied.

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