Supervising Student Employees 101

I recently took a workshop from Human Resources’ Employee Learning and Development which proved to be one of the best professional development opportunities I’ve had in a while, so I wanted to share my experience.  I took the workshop as part of the Employment Essentials certificate program here at Boise State (http://hrs.boisestate.edu/workshops/supervision-and-leadership/employment-essentials/). 

Workshop presenter, Kip Spittle, from Learning and Development, did an awesome job, creating a workshop that was interactive with a lot of discussion. He also used a fun new program called Kahoot to give us a quiz. In the workshop Kip covered everything from the basics of student hiring and student employee fundamentals to generational differences, shared values, ethics and human rights. I especially enjoyed the video Kip used to help us understand generational differences, as it explained not only what those differences were, but how younger generations are trying to bridge the gap. It’s available on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vknHKTy1MLY.

I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who works with student employees; it will be offered again in the fall. Contact Human Resources at hremployeelandd@boisestate.edu or 208-426-2417 for more information about Employment Essentials workshops.

Pam Kindelberger
Head of Ordering, Interlibrary Loan & Gifts for Albertsons Library

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