The Boise State University Yearbook

Residents of Morrison Hall, 1961. Image published in Les Bois 1961.

From 1935 to 1978, the Associated Student Body of Boise Junior College, Boise College, and Boise State University published an annual yearbook titled Les Bois. This publication highlighted important events on campus, as well many other facts about each school year. Les Bois could be a valuable resource for names of alumni, popular trends in various eras, or just for browsing.

Each volume of Les Bois typically had a section for academics, student life, and sports. In the Student Life section, Les Bois often included a brief summary of the major student organizations and their activities for the year. For example, this excerpt is from the 1961 Morrison Hall page:
Highlights at the year at Morrison Hall included picnics and dinner dances with residents of Driscoll Hall, sponsoring of a float and queen candidate at Homecoming, a dorm formal, spring tea and a little sister or coed weekend. At Christmas time the girls arranged for gifts for the State School at Nampa, went caroling and, as in the past, decorated their suites.
Note that in 1961 Morrison Hall was an all-female dormitory, and Driscoll Hall was all-male.
You can find the Les Bois in the catalog at http://boisestate.worldcat.org/oclc/2396586. Copies circulate in the main collection, and a full set is available for viewing in the Archives on the second floor of the library, and online via ScholarWorks at http://scholarworks.boisestate.edu/student_yearbooks/.

Jim Duran,
Special Collections

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