Meet our new reference librarians! Part I

Hello out there! I'm Kim Leeder, a new reference librarian here at Albertsons Library. I'll be contributing to this blog, so if you follow our posts you'll be hearing more from me. Anyway, my job here at BSU is to help connect people with the information they need, whether it be books, articles, websites, or far more obscure materials. Call me a geek, but there's a certain thrill to the chase when you're searching for information...

I came to BSU most recently from two part-time gigs at Albertson College's N. L. Terteling Library and Ada Community Library's Star Branch. Before that I worked at the University of Arizona Libraries in Tucson, where I earned my MA in information science. In my pre-librarian life, I earned an MA in English (specifically, Literature & Environment) at the University of Nevada, Reno, and worked for four years as an editor, first for Orion magazine, then for a couple other places.

I've been living in Boise for just eight months now, and have to say that this is the best town I've ever inhabited. Great downtown, great parks, and oh the Greenbelt. Love it. I'm a dog lover and a runner, so the 'belt is treating us well. Also love hiking, and a few more domestic hobbies like gardening and knitting. Recently became a 24 addict, and have been a Lost addict for a while.

That's all I've got. Thanks for reading, and don't hesitate to drop a line if you ever need anything! I'm at kimleeder@boisestate.edu or 426-1621.

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tom peele said...

Hi Kim,

Welcome to Boise and Boise State! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. As a member of the English dept., I'm especially happy that you're here! We're always interested in working on research strategies with our students, and it's great to have someone who knows both English studies and current research practices.

Hope to meet you soon.