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Applied Science and Technology Index . Coverage dates: Indexing 1983+. Look here for the most important sources in applied science and technology-much of it from peer-reviewed journals. This bibliographic database conveys an abundance of data in scientific and technical articles. Periodical coverage includes trade and industrial publications, journals issued by professional and technical societies, and specialized subject periodicals, as well as special issues such as buyers' guides, directories, and conference proceedings.

ClasePeriodica Coverage = 1975 - current. Clase and Periodica (ClasePeriodica) is the combined version of two indexes of Latin American journals in the sciences and humanities. CLASE indexes documents published in Latin American journals specializing in the social sciences and humanities, while PERIODICA covers journals specializing in science and technology. Together they offer access to more than 300,000 bibliographic citations from documents published in 2,600 scholarly journals published in the Spanish, Portuguese, French and English languages.

Physical Education Index . Dates of Coverage: 1970 - current. Since 1970 CSA Physical Education Index has been covering a vast collection of material. Records are indexed and classified from peer-reviewed journals, report literature, conference proceedings, trade magazines, patents, articles from the popular press, and many other publications. Beginning in January 2001, enhancements to the database include the addition of abstracts, e-mail addresses, expanded publisher and author information, and other data to facilitate access to the full text.

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