Library Closed on Labor Day

Photo by: Clarita [clarita@MORGUEFILE.COM]The library will be closed Monday, September 3th for Labor Day . Check the library's hours page for a complete list of Fall semester hours.


Free Campus Book Delivery for Faculty/Staff

Short of time? The library has a new service to assist you. Monday through Friday, faculty and staff can have library books, CDs and videos delivered to their Campus Department for free by filling out an online request form via the library catalog.

For more information, go to:
http://library.boisestate.edu/colldev/campusdelivery.htm .

If you have questions, contact Circulation at 426-1204, circulation@boisestate.edu or Interlibrary Loans at 426-3756, libraryill@boisestate.edu.


Getting ready (and caffeinated) for Fall 2007!

The coffee has been brewed and the walls have a new coat of paint, so Starbucks will officially open at 7:30am on Monday, August 27th!

Albertsons Library is happy to provide the campus community with a fully-stocked coffee shop on the first floor of the library. Starbucks will be open 7:30am-10:00pm Monday through Thursday, 7:30am-6pm on Fridays, 10am-5pm on Saturdays, and 4-9pm on Sundays.

Other changes in the library include:
  • a renovated student lounge next to the coffee shop, complete with comfortable chairs and couches (coffee welcome!),
  • a Spanish interface of the library's catalog,
  • additional computer stations on the first floor (most now require Bronco Web login & password),
  • over 190 research databases and indexes,
  • longer library hours (open until midnight Sunday through Thursday),
  • and a knowledgeable staff ready to serve your research needs.
If you have any questions, please stop by the Reference Desk or email us. Grab a frappuccino, kick back in the lounge, and enjoy your campus library!


Meet our new reference librarians! Part II

Hey y’all! I’m Amy Elliott, the newest Reference Librarian on the block, or so to speak. I just joined Alberstons Library in early August and can’t wait for classes to start again so I can start helping everyone find the information they need! I love the hunt for information and solving the puzzle of questions (say what you will, I embrace my inner-geek), so bring them on! I’ll also be the liaison for music, math, and diversity studies (including Gender studies) here, so if you need anything in those areas or just want to say “hey” by all means, contact me.

Most recently, I’ve come from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, which should explain my greeting for those of you who find it strange. I earned my MS in Information Sciences there, and also worked in the John C. Hodges Library’s Reference department for two years. Though I love the South (and the Lady Vols) I have lived in and traveled all over the U.S. and love experiencing new cultures. Before I was at UTK, I was at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, where I earned my MA in English and American Literatures (with specializations in American, Southern, and Medieval literatures).

I’m new to Boise, but so far I love it. It seems like a great place to make a fresh start – a great mixture of outdoor and downtown opportunities – a good place for a bicyclist like me. I also enjoy music, art and culture, so it looks like this could be a good match.

I think that’s about it; I’m sure there could be more, but there will be time enough for that later. I’ll be around the blog – posting now and again. So for now, “Hey & good to be here,” and please contact me at amyelliott2 at boisestate dot edu or 426-4302, if you need anything!


Big changes @thelibrary

This has been a summer of change at the Library: materials have moved, the new Starbucks will open in mid-August, the Library's birthday celebration is September 5th, and most of the Library computers now require Bronco Web authentication.

Other changes include:
  • The Current Periodicals (for new journals and magazines) is now located on the north side of the Library (1st floor).The paperback browsing collection will move next to the Starbucks space (1st floor).
  • New computers have been added and most will require login in with your Bronco Web user name and password (all floors).
  • Starbucks' grand opening will be August 27th, the first week of classes. You can see the construction progress at our Flickr page.
  • Print indexes have been rearranged and are still located north of the Reference Desk (1st floor).
  • The Career collection, college catalogs and phonebooks are now located north of the Reference Desk, next to the Current Periodicals collection (1st floor).
  • The Library catalog now shows you the floor location of all titles. A new Spanish interface will be available soon!
  • New hires at the Library include four new librarians and one Head of Public Services.
The folks at the Reference Desk would be glad to give you a tour or answer any of your questions.


More Databases Available @thelibrary

Applied Science and Technology Index . Coverage dates: Indexing 1983+. Look here for the most important sources in applied science and technology-much of it from peer-reviewed journals. This bibliographic database conveys an abundance of data in scientific and technical articles. Periodical coverage includes trade and industrial publications, journals issued by professional and technical societies, and specialized subject periodicals, as well as special issues such as buyers' guides, directories, and conference proceedings.

ClasePeriodica Coverage = 1975 - current. Clase and Periodica (ClasePeriodica) is the combined version of two indexes of Latin American journals in the sciences and humanities. CLASE indexes documents published in Latin American journals specializing in the social sciences and humanities, while PERIODICA covers journals specializing in science and technology. Together they offer access to more than 300,000 bibliographic citations from documents published in 2,600 scholarly journals published in the Spanish, Portuguese, French and English languages.

Physical Education Index . Dates of Coverage: 1970 - current. Since 1970 CSA Physical Education Index has been covering a vast collection of material. Records are indexed and classified from peer-reviewed journals, report literature, conference proceedings, trade magazines, patents, articles from the popular press, and many other publications. Beginning in January 2001, enhancements to the database include the addition of abstracts, e-mail addresses, expanded publisher and author information, and other data to facilitate access to the full text.

Access these resources--and many more--from the "Find Articles" link in the library's homepage.


Meet our new reference librarians! Part I

Hello out there! I'm Kim Leeder, a new reference librarian here at Albertsons Library. I'll be contributing to this blog, so if you follow our posts you'll be hearing more from me. Anyway, my job here at BSU is to help connect people with the information they need, whether it be books, articles, websites, or far more obscure materials. Call me a geek, but there's a certain thrill to the chase when you're searching for information...

I came to BSU most recently from two part-time gigs at Albertson College's N. L. Terteling Library and Ada Community Library's Star Branch. Before that I worked at the University of Arizona Libraries in Tucson, where I earned my MA in information science. In my pre-librarian life, I earned an MA in English (specifically, Literature & Environment) at the University of Nevada, Reno, and worked for four years as an editor, first for Orion magazine, then for a couple other places.

I've been living in Boise for just eight months now, and have to say that this is the best town I've ever inhabited. Great downtown, great parks, and oh the Greenbelt. Love it. I'm a dog lover and a runner, so the 'belt is treating us well. Also love hiking, and a few more domestic hobbies like gardening and knitting. Recently became a 24 addict, and have been a Lost addict for a while.

That's all I've got. Thanks for reading, and don't hesitate to drop a line if you ever need anything! I'm at kimleeder@boisestate.edu or 426-1621.


Intersession hours @thelibrary

Albertsons Library will be open limited hours during the August 11 - 24 intersession. We will be open Monday thru Friday 7:30 - 5:00 and closed Saturdays and Sundays.

West Campus Library will be open Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 5:00 and also closed Saturdays and Sundays.

Additional operating hours for the rest of the Fall semester can be found at the Library's Hours page.

Choice Reviews @thelibrary

Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries is the premier source for reviews of academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources of interest to those in higher education.

More than 35,000 librarians, faculty, and key decision makers rely on Choice magazine and Choice Reviews online for collection development and scholarly research.

Each year Choice publishes more than 7,000 reviews by selected subject experts. Check out Choice in the Find Articles link, or visit the Library's home page for more research sources.


Blackwell Reference Online @thelibrary

Blackwell Reference Online (BRO) is a vast new e-book library giving instant access to the most authoritative and up-to-date scholarship across the humanities and social sciences. With almost 300 reference volumes, Blackwell Reference Online is the largest academic reference collection available online and includes:

  • Blackwell Companions and Handbooks

  • Major reference works such as the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management and the Companion to Syntax

  • Other valuable reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and concise companions.
Subjects covered in BRO include:

Anthropology (2 books)
Art (2 books)
Business and Management (17 books)
Classics (3 books)
Communication and Media Studies (4 books)
Cultural Studies (1 book)
Economics (5 books)
Gender Studies (2 books)
Geography (3 books)
History (31 books)
Law (3 books)
Linguistics (22 books)
Literature (57 books)
Philosophy (61 books)
Politics (2 books)
Psychology (17 books)
Race and Ethnicity Studies (5 books)
Religion (23 books)
Sociology (13 books)

You can access Blackwell Reference Online and scores of other research databases at the Find Articles link, or at the Library's homepage: http://library.boisestate.edu/