Events: Annual Faculty Library Award

The Albertsons Library at Boise State University is soliciting nominations for the Annual Faculty Library Award. The award honors a BSU faculty member who-
  1. motivates students to use the Library and its services;
  2. creates assignments that encourage the use of Library resources;
  3. regularly utilizes the Library and/or its resources;
  4. cosults with Library faculty when appropriate to achieve educational goals;
  5. shows appreciation of the Library and acts as its advocate.
Nominations can be submitted via the Internet by clicking on the link located on the
Albertsons Library home page. Submit a nomination and tell us why you think this person meets one or more of the five points listed above.

You may use the link more than once if you wish to nominate more than one candidate. More than one person can nominate the same candidate. Written nominations addressing the points above may also be mailed to Janice Burkholder or Albertsons Library, MS-1430.

Please submit your nomination before September 29, 2006.

Faculty Library Award Committee
Albertsons Library
Boise State University

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