Meet Rick Stoddart

If you have that ‘deer in the headlights’ look regarding the wealth of resources and services available to you in the Albertsons Library…. well, so do I! My name is Rick Stoddart and I am a new librarian in the reference department.

Previously, I was a librarian at
Georgia Southwestern State University, a small school in rural southwest Georgia. I possess an MLIS and MA in Communication Studies both from the University of Alabama. Surprisingly, I don’t have a Southern accent, but that is because I was born in California and have lived in Montana for many years.

Just let me say I can sympathize with you regarding the library seeming overwhelming at first, but myself and the other friendly staff of the Albertsons Library are here to help. I know I will be asking tons of questions until I figure out where everything is. Don’t worry; we can both get through this together.

Color me ‘happy to be at Boise State’.


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