Internet: Retro Research

Many of us often reminisce about childhood TV shows, movies and icons. Check out these sites to refresh your mind with the details. On www.retrojunk.com you can watch the opening credits of a TV series, old movie trailers and TV commercials from each era. Many of the videos are in German, Japanese, or other languages. However, you might want to turn your pop-up blocker to high.

Good information on a TV series can be found at www.tv.com, which also has some video clips. If you want to know about the day and time or broadcast company of live action shows, go to The Classic TV Database, www.classic-tv.com.

Another group of sites is filled with unique random information. It has music, movies, TV, world events, fashion/fads from the 70’s to 90’s. Pay attention to the stuffed left-hand column (options change on almost every page). Visit www.inthe70s.com, www.inthe80s.com, or www.inthe90s.com to see more. For more scholarly research on Pop Culture, go to one of our many library subject guides.

Kristin @ West Campus Library

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